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Red Star Yeast

David Kingsley <davidk@pcix.com>
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 09:48:48 -0500

We have been a subscribers for only a short time on this digest and have
realized that there are many who enjoy the beaking of bread both by hand and
with machines.  I have gained some knowledge (in reading the posts here)
that are difficult to come by anywhere else.  My dad who is going on 92
years of age, bakes about two loaves a week in his Welbilt.  He really
enjoys this pastime and his output is enjoyed by everyone who happens to be
lucky enough to sample his breads.

We have been trying to find the address for Red Star yeast products.  The
local stores in the area don't always carry it.  The information that we
have shows that the company is located in Wisconsin.  Would any of you avid
baking fans kindly inform us as to where we can write to so that we can mail
order it? 

>From snowy Massachusetts.......David K.