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sourdoough samples

Mon, 19 Feb 1996 12:57:08 -0500
Date:  Mon, Feb 19, 1996 1:34 PM EDT
From:  Blanche007
Subj:  re sour dough samples

Date:  Sun, Feb 18, 1996 10:53 PM EDT
From:  Blanche007
Subj:  Re: bread-bakers-digest V6 #71
To:      Blanche007

Note to all the folks who offered to try out my sourdough product: the
samples were mailed this past week.  I've already heard from a few people.
 We had over 100 people ask for samples (had to turn down more than 25 late
comers).    This offer turned out to be a fairly expensive and time consuming
undertaking  so, I would dearly appreciate your taking the time to try the
stuff and let me know what you think.   p.s. I put in a sample of the new
dough relaxer as well and would love comment about that.  For those of you
who asked about ingredients  - both products are made with real food -
without any chemicals or preservatives.  Both are Kosher as well. 
 Lora Brody