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looking for James Beard Zepher roll recipe

Mon, 19 Feb 1996 11:10:53 -0500
A friend used to make wonderful 'zepher rolls' from her Beard on Bread book.
Does anyone have it? I may not be saying the name right, but it was a very
rich egg dough, made a fragrant golden roll, I could eat my weight in them!
 And, actually, the first successful hand-made bread recipe I tried was this
one. Mine were good, but not as wonderful as this experienced baker produced.
  Would love to attempt again, now that I have a few 'secrets' under my belt!
TIA martha

And, to Neil in Guam,,, until you've 'accidentally' hatched out chicks in a
basket on your counter, or exploded potatoes while baking them in the oven,,
well, you get my drift, not all of us are pros around the kitchen!!! (voice
of chicken-experience here)