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"Neil T. Dunn" <neildunn@kuentos.guam.net>
Sat, 17 Feb 1996 13:42:33 +-1000
Hello everyone;
I have been subscribing to this list for quite sometime and have read so 
much useful information, it is almost staggering.  I came from a 
houisehold where MOM was modern and didn't take the time to bake her own 
bread, yet grandma did.  I would occassionally havbe the opportunity to 
experience the great aroma of the bread baking process.  Over the years 
I tried on many occassions to simulate those good old days and 
pleasureable moments, but not with much success.  Having been a twenty 
year military man also didn't leave many opportunities to constantly 
experiment day in and day out.  Also being single I was usually 
overwhelmed by the mess remaining to be cleaned.  In fact, just the 
daily routine of cleaning up after cooking any decent meal was viewed 
with strong disdain.  The truth of the matter is the introduction of the 
bread making machine.  It fits perfectly into my single life style.  It 
impresses dates and it only leaves me one item to clean afterwards vice 
a bowl, a mixing utensil, a countertop or board sprinkled with flour, 
not to mention the flour I used to spill as a clutzy around the kitchen 
sort of guy, and all the used food items such as egg shells, etc.  Add 
to this the time involved and in my particular case, which I am not 
afraid to admit, over cooking about 1/4 of the time.  
Folks, in my situation there is only solution!!!!  GIVE ME BREAD MAKING 
I am not very artistic or ingenious when it comes to trying NEW ideas 
either.  My many attempts at experimentation have, 100% of the time, 
resulted in disaster. Even when they look good, they taste like 
something directly out of the pits of hell.  Folks, I am sure there are 
many others like me who have nothing substantial to contribute to this 
list, but who greatly appreciate all the effort you put forward in 
taking the time to put your ideas and recipes down in writing.  Believe 
me, the silent majority is alive and we are reading eagerly every word 
you kindly share.  Remember, I have nothing substantial to contribute.  
Truth is, my kitchen escapades could be chronicled and shown as a HBO 
Comedy spectacular.  Please everyone, KEEP THOSE RECIPES AND IDEAS 
COMMING IN.  Someone is reading and appreciating every word.
Thanks to you ALL!
Neil Dunn, from the EDGE of the WORLD, GUAM...where America's day