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Food Processor dough.

Juliet Nalven <tlk@efn.org>
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 14:26:44 -0800 (PST)
Thanks for taking part of your life to keep this list going.  I just 
started recieving the mailings and been pleased with your responses to 

I have an old DAK machine which sits covered on the floor, dreaming of 
making bread. But that darn stirring blade stays put. (previous 
contributor noted this with the West Bend).  My solution was to (when 
bread has cooled in pan or out) to unwind the 'blade' and not pull it 
out.  Yes a gap is left but no dough removed.  

But the real reason (I've been baking bread by hand for over 15 years) I 
stopped was the loss of control and the same boring shape. 

I now use my Cuisinart(extra large), with the regular knife blade. It's 
tricky, but once you find the correct consistency, it only takes 1-2 
minutes to knead the dough. Over heating the dough can occur if left to 
knead much longer.

I haven't tried it with whole grains. Mostly to make the softer doughs, 
egg bread ( Challah ), pizza, french bread, potato/corn meal.  The 
advantages are that if I'm having a pizza party I can whip up tons of 
dough in a few minutes or make a party/dip loaf.

I've also taken to producing huge crusty loaves with raggety tops. I smear 
the insides with some oil, cover with loose plastic wrap and close machine.

Hitting the pulse switch to punch it down. 

The dough rises in the food processor, blade and all. Then dump the rough
mass onto corn meal, or sesame seeds. Gently remove blade from top of
mass. Pinch together the top here and there. Spray with water or dust with
flour, bake at 450 F for 30 min. reduce to 350 for 20 min. or until it

Instant Potato Bread    450 F  yield: 2/4x8 loaves (appx)
                                      1/ 15x7"loaf 
1.5- 2 tsp yeast (dry)
1/3 - 1/2 C sugar
1 T salt
1/4 C instant potato ( granulated,flakes may work)
2 T cornmeal (not cornFLOUR)

6 C Bread flour
3 3/4 to 4 C water

I don't like a sour white bread, so a longer rise with less yeast is OK. 
Julia Childs "Best Chefs" series made a bread which looked like this one,
raised in a basket, filled with olives.  VERY slow rise. Crusty and fluffy
inside.  However this one is soft inside, and somewhat dense, like a 
bagel. a Montreal Bagel. 

Juliet Nalven, Eugene Oregon