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Thu, 15 Feb 1996 23:58:00 -0500
Tim asked about bulk yeast. I store mine in the freezer Tim. I do pull some
off and put it into a small jar so it is easier to get at. It should last a
year that way.

Daniela asked about bread machines with a dough cycle which can be set on a
timer. Some of the new Toastmaster models have that feature. If you have an
older model 1 1/2 pound Panasonic, that was a standard feature on the crisp
dough cycle. 

For all of you who want the King Arthur catalogue:1-800-827-6836

There have been several questions on storage of bread. Linda and I got a
wonderful plastic bread box, which expands and holds the largest bread machine
bread. It is called Wanda's Bread Box. We purchased it at Williams-Sonoma and
we both notice that the bread stays fresher longer with it.

Lois Conway (and Linda Rehberg) Bread Machine Magic and The Bread Machine
Magic Book of Helpful Hints.

For more information please contact me at: LoisCon@AOL.com

I am happy to answer personal questions