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Re: Bread using sponge

Wed, 14 Feb 1996 17:44:24 -0500
>>Have been using a receipe I got from Fine Cooking a year or so ago, that 
>.requires a sponge, maturing in about 8-10 hours.  Then, bread 
>>dough mixed and allowed to rise slowly--overnight.  I love the result 
>>and tolerate the method.  Anyone else using this?  Or, does anyone do 
>.anything with sponges.  

I haven't tried the recipe you mentioned, but I've been making more and more
breads with sponges in the last year because the flavor and texture are so
much better. I don't even mind the wait--it lets me break up the breadmaking
tasks a little more so I can fit them into my schedule better.

What I haven't really gotten a handle on is how to convert a regular recipe
to a sponge. Does anyone have any rules of thumb?

Shauna Roberts in New Orleans