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What a Relief!

"R.C. Sagnella" <zeno@voicenet.com>
Wed, 14 Feb 96 21:43:23 EST
A while back, I wrote a short passage questioning the merits of the ABM.
Subsequently, I have received aseveral friendly letters from readers
explaining their preferences for the ABM.  They were all very interesting.

I am, however, partial to Cherie Ambrosino's discovery that bread making the
old fashion way - for those who have the time and inclination and are not
encumbered by a disability - is fun.  There's no mystery to making good
bread, only a willingness to learn to do it "correctly."  You have to
understand, through trial and error, how weather affects flour, how to mix
your ingredients, and how to know when it's right.  For that there is no
substitute for your personal touch ...

No matter what your preference, hands on or bread baking by machine, bread
making is fun and rewarding.  

ABM, however, does have on advantage that a reader passed on to me: if
something goes wrong, you can always blame the machine.