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rec.food.sourdough FAQ

Darrell_Greenwood@mindlink.net (Darrell Greenwood)
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 09:47:09 -0800
I just compiled a FAQ for rec.food.sourdough. It was posted yesterday
to rec.food.sourdough if you have access to Usenet newsgroups.

A hyperlinked copy is obtainable at

The FAQ contains interesting and knowledgeable answers from the last
year or so of r.f.s.

Subject: 2. Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Where are the FAQs?

2. Table of Contents

3. What is the protein or gluten content of various flours?

4. What are some books on bread?

5. What is gluten and how does kneading develop it?

6. What is the difference between wild and commercial yeast?

7. Can I make bread without salt?

8. How do I stop my sourdough bread from flattening?

9. Can I use chlorinated water with my starter?

99. Authors



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