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Assiago Cheese Bread?

Betty Kuenzel <bkuenzel@mail.coin.missouri.edu>
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 14:53:35 -0600 (CST)
Hi, bread bakers!  Thanks for all your helpful recipes and tips.  Got a 
question for you:  Here in Missouri there is a chain deli/bakery called 
"St. Louis Bread Company".  They make a bread which I love called 
"Assiago Cheese Bread".  It's crusty on the outside, white and creamy on 
the inside - there may be cheese in the inside of the bread, there's 
definitely cheese on the crust, at least on the top of the crust - and 
you get a great kind of salty tang on your tongue.  Anyway, I love it, 
and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a recipe for this bread.

Also, I just bought a package of the CT-1 Dough Enhancer from Delta Rehab 
(Irwin) and haven't tried it yet, but am wondering if it's appropriate to 
also use gluten with the enhancer or is that overkill?  Has anyone used 
lecithin granules as a dough enhancer?  If so, with what results?  I 
haven't made too many loaves in my machine to just rave about, so I'm 
hoping to start meeting with more success.

Thanks for your ideas!

Betty K.   (bkuenzel@mail.coin.missouri.edu)