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Re: bread-bakers-digest V6 #65

Cindy Bombassei & Robert Rauzi <rrauzi@pop.iquest.net>
Tue, 6 Feb 96 07:48 EST
>  Finally, I'd like to hear more from folks who have used the bulk yeast
>from King Arthur.  Someone recently posted me a note saying that different
>yeasts yield different flavors in the bread, and this seems reasonable based
>on what I know about sourdough, for instance.  I'd like to hear from folks
>specifically about how the King Arthur yeast products perform and if they
>yield any particular flavor?  I want to purchase some of their stuff, but
>don't know which one to get.

I haven't tried the King Arthur yeast but I have been using Red Star Instant
for about 8 months now.  I get it at Sam's Club, 2 one pound packages for
about $3.50.  It is exellent.  I has a very strong yeasty smell during
baking that I just love.  I have tried SAFF instant yeast and found it to be
expensive and no better than anything else I've tried.  All in all I think
REd Star is the best for flavor and the price can't be beat.  It comes in a
vacum padked foil so it is fresh. I open one and freeze the other until I
need it.  It has held up just fine.