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Wheat-less bread recipes

"Robert J. Lebowitz" <lebowitz@finaltouch.com>
Sun, 4 Feb 1996 17:29:12 -0600 (CST)
I've been a regular bread baker for years, I used to make fresh challah for 
the guys on my dorm floor every Friday when I lived in Israel, and since 
I discovered that I could knead dough using Cuisinart (R), I've made more 
breads more often.

My wife and I recently became friends with a couple who have severe 
allergies to wheat.  I've been experimenting with spelt flour breads, and 
I've even prepared a bread based on the rye batter bread recipe found on 
the back of Pillsbury brand rye flour where I substitute spelt for white 
and whole wheat flour.

I'm interested in obtaining other recipes for yeast-leavened non-wheat 
breads.  Any ideas??

Rob Lebowitz - lebowitz@finaltouch.com