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Bread Storage

sherae@zeta.org.au (Sheri McRae)
Tue, 30 Jan 1996 16:15:19 +1100
>CHEFLZ@aol.com wrote:
>I have read of several
>methods of storing freshly baked bread,& I've had good
>luck in keeping it in a plastic bag(with air holes in it!) for about 1 1/2
>weeks, except for a VERY, VERY moist loaf which I bagged & sealed(not wanting
>it to mold), & then refrigerated,BUT are there any better, or other ways?

When I found a tin the right shape and size for my bread I grabbed it and
considered myself lucky.  I find the tin keeps the bread much better than
plastic bags for some reason.  Maybe something about the plastic not
clinging to the bread.

Cheers,  Sheri

    Sheri McRae                        sherae@zeta.org.au
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