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Storing bread

Linda Kosidlo <linda@mc.com>
Tue, 30 Jan 96 11:35:58 EST
Hi all -

I'm new to this list, and am enjoying the postings and the recipes.
I've tried both the Honey Wheat Bread and the Apple Cider bread 
recipes and both have been wonderful.

Now to my questions. How do I keep the bread fresh for longer
than one day? I usually slice the bread as soon as it cools
and put it in a plastic bag. After a day, it starts to 
get stale. I'd like to have it last a couple of days so I
can use it for sandwiches. Any ideas? 

Another question. I usually use the small packets of 
yeast (rapid rise, I think). My husband couldn't find
this last week and brought home those cubes of yeast. 
I used two teaspoons of the cube and the bread came out
fine. However, this yeast is more 'powdery'. Is this type
of yeast not a good choice for a bread machine?  


Linda K. in MA