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Newcomer with a question

Jerry D <KELE@aloha.net>
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 21:12:29 -1000 (HST)
Aloha.  I'm brand-new to the list and not even brand new (as yet) to bread 
baking.  I want to learn the manual method.  Have NEVER baked bread before in 
my life and want suggestions as to a full-on book on the subject....the BEST 
one any or all of you have seen.  Cost is no object.  I simply want the most 
thorough text in print.  

Out here in the middle of the Pacific, where the price of bread from the 
bakeries is now over $3.00 per loaf, I think it is high time that I learned how 
to do it myself!  :)

mahalo for your suggestions.

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 The wise man grows it under his feet." - James Oppenheim
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