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Irwin Franzel email problems

jkolo@ihats1.ih.att.com (Jeffrey A Kolodziej)
Fri, 2 Feb 96 07:28:01 CST

I recently sent some email to Irwin Franzel requesting a copy of
his catalog that I saw offered in a previous digest. I waited a
few days, and when the catalog never arrived, I gave Irwin a call.
When Irwin called back, he explained that he had received my email,
but has been having problems sending email. Irwin hopes to get the
problems corrected in a few days.

Soooo, if you have sent Irwin any email recently (I sent mine on
1/30/96 about 12:00 PM CST), he probably has received it, but
has not been able to respond. If you want to phone Irwin, call
him at (800) 641-9093.


Jeff Kolodziej