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Re: honey oat bread

jguevara@spin.com.mx (Jenka Guevara)
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 22:35:00 -0600
Debbie saw I had a miskake on my bread recipe, yes it has oatmeal, one cup, 
sorry about this
The bread comes out delicious.

>Hello: I was interested in the recipe you had sent to the bread list, but
>found that even though it's called honey oat bread, it didn't have any oat
>in it, and so assume it was an ommission. Can you clarify?
>you wrote:
>1 cup white flour
>1 cup whole wheat flour
>two BIG tablespoons honey
>1 cup sour dough starter
>2 teaspoons yeast
>more than one cup water, as needed
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