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Clear Flour

Steve and Marilyn Kerman <sdkerman@hevanet.com>
Sat, 27 Jan 96 18:06 PST
I have been baking Jewish Rye Bread for a few weeks using the recipe in
"Secrets of a Jewish Baker" by George Greenstein. The results have been
The recipe calls for "Clear Flour or First Clear" sometimes called "common
This flour is allegedly the least refined of the bread flours. It is lower
in gluten content and darker in color than other flours and is used
primarily in rye breads.
At the suggestion of the author I got some from a local bakery (even though
the baker wasn't sure it was the right stuff).
I really don't want to become a pain in the a** to the baker. No local
(Portland, OR) stores carry the product. A local mill would sell me a 50#
bag shipped from Seattle but I don't use THAT much.
Does anyone have any idea on an alternative or a source for reasonable