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Storing flour/freezing dough

kkoluch@cris.com (K. Koluch)
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 15:56:57 -0500 (EST)
Hi!  I am new to this group and am really enjoying it!  I have 2 questions
that I think you can help me with:

1.  I have run across a food supply store in town that sells high gluten
flour for 11.95/50# bag.  This is much cheaper than the "Better for Bread"
flour I have been buying in the store.  My question is how long can I store
flour without it going bad?  I use about one 5# bag per week, so I would
have to be able to store it for 10 weeks (or share it with someone).  

2.  After doing this practice for many months I am reading in books that I
am not supposed to freeze my bread dough.  I have been making all of my
bread dough for the week on Saturday, then punching it down, dividing it and
freezing it (I obviously don't own a bread machine).  During the week I pull
out a frozen ball of dough each day around 10 am, let it defrost, shape it
and let it rise again.  It has been working perfectly for me.  Can someone
tell me why you should not do this?  I originally tried it because I had
figured if you could buy frozen bread dough then you ought to be able to
freeze homemade dough.  Comments? (or am I just waiting for the inevitable
flop to happen?)

Thanks for all the yummy recipes!

                                        Kim Koluch 
Kim Koluch                      kkoluch@cris.com
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