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DeAnn's breadmachine blues

Wed, 24 Jan 1996 01:32:24 +0000
Dear Deann et al.,
I loved your letter. In August, I bought a Panasonic breadmachine and 
from the start made beautiful breads. Everything from basic white to 
specialty breads and they were all exquisite. Then one day in 
December, at the end of the cycle, I opened the lid to take out the 
loaf and it was a disaster. It had not risen well, was HEAVY and when 
sliced was so coarse and moist, would have made peasant bread look 
fine grained. In the following weeks, i had a variety of terrible 
loaves and in that time changed flour a couple times, could open my 
own yeast shop and since it was -40 outside decided that maybe my 
kitchen and ingredients were too cold(the old outside wall worry). I 
brought ingredients to room temperature to no avail and one evening 
in despeation, brought everything down to our family room and went 
through the process within 6 feet of our roaring fireplace. That was 
probably the worst loaf of the siege.
During this time, I had a couple friends who were having less than 
the desired results too. We decided that it was a good thing that the 
ingredients aren't too expensive.
Just as suddenly, a week and a half ago, I made a loaf of great bread 
again and since then every loaf has been beautiful.........Why and 
how I don't know. It is still bitterly cold and my flour cannister is 
on the outside wall, I am using the same flour and yeast, 
flour......... I better be quiet or the machine may hear me and 
decide I need another lesson in humility. I sincerely hope not. 
I love the list.
Harriet Eslinger