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Red-grape sourdough starter

widera@unr.edu (Debra Widera)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 12:41:22 -0800 (PST)

I tried this starter last year & was really disappointed. I
kept it going, though, and tried making bread from it even
though it was not "progressing" as it should. The bread was
a semi-disaster. But, I didn't throw out the starter; instead,
I added a little granulated yeast (maybe 1/4 tsp.) to the 
starter & treated it the same (feeding, stirring, etc.). 
After about 2 weeks, it smelled just like wine (honest!) and
when I used it 2 days later, I got the most flavorful bread
imaginable! I have also made a starter in this *combined*
method with onion--really great, esp. if you like onion 

Good luck,