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bzwax@tiac.net (Rich & Debbie)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 15:45:42 -0500
CHEFLZ@aol.com wrote:

I have read of several
methods of storing freshly baked bread,& I've had good
luck in keeping it in a plastic bag(with air holes in it!) for about 1 1/2
weeks, except for a VERY, VERY moist loaf which I bagged & sealed(not wanting
it to mold), & then refrigerated,BUT are there any better, or other ways?

Hi, everyone: I don't store my bread as long as 1-1/2 weeks (we eat it too
fast!), but usually keep it on the cutting board, cut side down. This is
particularly good with a crusty loaf and it stays quite fresh. A more
delicate bread wouldn't work as well.

Best-Debbie Bier
Concord, MA