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Re:Order of adding things

aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Sun, 24 Dec 1995 13:42:16 -0500
Joan asked:
>  As I was reading the snippet above, I wondered why there would be any
>particular sequence listed in adding ingredients to a bread machine?  I
>understand that perhaps things like raisins would go in later, toward the
>end of the kneading cycle.  Other than keeping the salt away from the yeast,
>why would the initial sequence make any difference?  Is there some
>mechanical architecture to these bread machines that mandates it?

Normally it would not matter much however, In bread machines it is sometimes
NECESSARY to have either flour or water on the bottom (Depends on the type of
seal used on the paddle shaft, They have a kneading paddle that is driven
through the BOTTOM of the bread pan).

Second, some folks use the "Delay" feature so they can wake up to fresh baked
bread in the morning and when doing this it is important that selected
ingreadents (IE YEAST) be kept as far as possible from other ingreadents
(IE WATER) or they may not work properly when the time comes.  Thus the
"Sequence of adding things"

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