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Altering recipes for machine

esther@rochgte.fidonet.org (Esther Vail)
Sat, 30 Dec 1995 13:08:55 -0800
If you want to shape and bake the loaf manually after the machine
has gone through the dough process, I have found no changes to be
necessary, even for breads which include more flour than you would
normally use in your machine. For a bread to be baked all the way
in the machine, again, I have found no changes to be necessary
other than to be sure you're not trying to use more flour than your
machine can handle.  This means finding recipes of about the right
size, or perhaps cutting a recipe in half.  This may not be true
for all machines, but it has served me well in the original DAK
machine (same as Welbilt). Naturally, in either case, you will
place the ingredients in the machine in the same order you use for
the recipes that come with the machine.

Esther H. Vail, Rochester NY USA (esther@rochgte.fidonet.org)