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gregfam@aa.net (Lee & Gretchen Gregory)
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 19:03:40 -0800
I like to bake a lot of whole grain breads.  In my bread machine in
particular, however, the loaf seems to get real dry even by two days.  Since
I don't like to use refined white sugar, I started using honey, which does
make a moister loaf that keeps longer.  But since I started using brown rice
syrup, the loaf is even moister and keeps even longer.  For a recipe that
calls for 2 T. of honey, I use 1 T. of honey and 1 T. brown rice syrup.
Using only brown rice syrup makes the loaf almost sticky.  Brown rice syrup
can be purchased in many health food stores and natural foods co-ops.


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