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Fiddle Head Knife/Cranberry Bread

Sat, 25 Nov 1995 07:19:10 -0500
I apologize to all of you who asked me for the address for the fiddlebow
knife. I'm still looking for it.  (It's the end of the semester, and things
have gotten a little lax around here, if you get my drift.  ;-)  )  Someone
else did send info for Robert Linn to the list.  I think this is the same
person that I bought mine from, and I recommend his knives quite highly.

If -- no, when -- I find the info, I'll post it if it's different.
Unfortunately, it may take a while.  (Two more weeks until the end of the
semester, plus one final, but who's counting?  ;-) )  :-(

To change topics slightly, it's cranberry season, and I have several
containers of cranberries that are just waiting to be made into bread.  Does
anyone have one (or several) cranberry bread recipes for the bread machine?