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??problem w/Cuisinart dough blade

cmathew@iadfw.net (Craig & Joan Mathew)
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:01:41 -0600
Hello all,
  Three weeks ago my husband gave me a most wonderful gift:  the 14-cup
food processor.  During that short time I've made several loaves of bread,
the recipes given in the food processor book and using the dough blade.
This morning
I discovered that the little plastic gasket inside the dough blade's main
stem had
come off.  Now the dough blade slips on the main spindle and allows dough to
get into
the middle portion of that spindle, making a big, doughy mess!
  I was wondering if others have experienced this problem, and whether this
might be
a fundamental design flaw?  I'd like to hear from others regarding this
issue, and
also any discussion about little things they've "discovered" about using the
Cuisinart food processor.  I'd also like to hear about the customer service
experiences folks have had with the Cuisinart Corporation, either good or bad.

Thanks in advance,