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"F. J. Laberge" <flaberge@magi.com>
Thu, 09 Nov 1995 22:50:30 -0800
A>My brother makes a wooden box. I haven't seen one, so I'm not sure how to
>describe it. Basically, you put your bread in, and there are slots on it to
>insert your knife, and slice down. You get evenly sliced bread. I'll try to
>talk him into making me one, or at least sending me plans, so I can describe
>it better. Are there any woodworkers out there? Have any of you seen
>something like this? 
>Bess Trenchard

Hi there,

Yes, I've seen this for sale in the Canadian Living - Market place page.
Can't recall
the price  off hand now. But will check if any one is interested.

It is wooden and has ridges in one of the pieces, and the bottom catches the

Good luck,

and also take this opportunity to thank all those who have responded to my
on bread improver.