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re: slicing

etrencha@sirnet.mb.ca (Elizabeth Trenchard)
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 21:04:05 -0800
>I was curious as to what other people use to slice their bread.  
>I love using my bread machine as much as possible even for sandwich bread.
>The only thing I hate doing is slicing.  A plain serated knife was quite
>aggravating for someone with little patience.  The slice would come out wavy
>(real thin on one end and wide by the time I got to the bottom).  Sure it
>still tastes good but it just didn't look very pretty.
>Then I bought some plastic contraption from Marshall Field's.  It's
>basically just a guide for your knife.  It works better than the knife alone
>but there has got to be something easier.
>Are there mini-bread slicers like the bakeries use?  If so, where do you buy
>them?  I sure don't want to spend too much money.

My brother makes a wooden box. I haven't seen one, so I'm not sure how to
describe it. Basically, you put your bread in, and there are slots on it to
insert your knife, and slice down. You get evenly sliced bread. I'll try to
talk him into making me one, or at least sending me plans, so I can describe
it better. Are there any woodworkers out there? Have any of you seen
something like this? 

Bess Trenchard


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