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converting conventional bread recipes

"Carolyn Preston" <preston@cc2smtp.emr.ca>
Mon, 30 Oct 95 17:14:19 EST
I acquired a Black and Decker breadmaker as a wedding gift recently.  I have had
success making bread from a mix (a brainstorm of my sister's, who gave the 
machine to me, since I'm rather prone to experimenting) and recipes in the 
instruction book for the machine (which I successfully experimented with without
actually using a single typed recipe that appears in the book!).  

I have done alot of conventional breadmaking and have a number of favourite 
recipes I would like to try to make in my new bread machine.  Are there any good
rules to follow when converting recipes to the bread machine?  Dos and don'ts?

Carolyn K. Preston / preston@emr.ca
WRC Business Office, CANMET, Natural Resources Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada