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Sat, 28 Oct 1995 23:12:15 -0700
Donna asked about bread machines in England. I will try and find out about
Prima. Panasonics are great bread machines. I have a few because of our bread
machine books.
 I thought that the only bread machine allowed in Europe was the Zojirushi,
because of the timer on it...however, I will research this and get back to
you...Lois Conway

Janet Stout asked about Zojis...being sold in Canada. I suggest she contact
our Zoji source...
Zoji contact: Delta Rehabilitation--Irwin Franzel--1-800-641- 9093
Prodigy address: CPXD31A@prodigy.com 

 Besides Zojis, Irwin also handles:SAF Yeast, CT1 dough conditioner, Finish
Pan for Zoji, the Miracle Mill and other products all at a disount. He is
very knowledgeable about bread machines.

Lois Conway LoisCon@AOL

Sheri asked about date sugar. It is sugar made from ground, dried dates and
is only moderately sweet. See our book The  Bread Machine Magic Book of
Helpful Hints. It  can be found in health food stores.