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Help and great Jewish Rye recipe!

wynntami@halcyon.com (Wynn Richards)
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 17:41:13 -0700
This is my first atempt at writing on the bread-bakers list...I hope it got
here ok!

I am having a problem with the centers of my bread falling out.  Is it
because I don't kneed it enough or what...this is getting upsetting to me
since the stuff I make is pretty good tasting.  It just falls out when I
cut it.

Also, anyone out there have "the" Jewish Rye recipe..would prefer one that
dosn't use a bread machine (I have a Zo, but just bought a Braun 1200 multi
mixer)...btw, if you haven't tried the deli rye flavoring from King Arthur
get some of this it is GREAT!

Thanks for the help!!!

- --Wynn