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Bagels from the Bread Machine

Bob Connelly <rconnell@is.dal.ca>
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 20:11:16 -0300
Greetings everyone.  I am relatively new to the list...but I think it's
great.  I have picked up a lot of tips.

I am wondering if anyone has been successful in making homemade bagels,
particularly using the dough setting on the bread machine.  I have tried
many times...the first several were major flops.  This last time, they
almost look like bagels, and they tasted very good.  They didn't quite have
the same texture as the Bakery bagels I usually buy.

In reading various bagel recipes, there seems to be differing opinions on
the best way to make them:

- --one insists on only letting the dough rise once before shaping
- --others say to let the bagels rise again after shaping, but before kettling
- --another says to bake them on wet burlap (!!!) and start initally at an
oven temp of 500 for 3 minutes, then remove the burlap and bake for a
further 20 minutes.

I can't say that I've tried the burlap method--but I might in the future.  I
would be interested in hearing about anyone's successes or failures

Bob Connelly
Halifax, NS Canada