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Thu, 12 Oct 1995 20:35:47 -0400
w to use graham flour in recipes. Just use the graham flour
in place of whole wheat flour in recipes.

Lois Conway

John Denning asked why his breads don't rise well. Some suggestions..taken
from our book The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints.

Make sure you are not scooping your flour, rather aerate it and put into cup
with a tablespoon, then level off.Scooping puts too much flour into the dough
and could account for the lack of rising.

We like Red Star Yeast. Make sure bread flour is fresh. If your water is
hard, add 1 to 1/3 teaspoons lemon juice to the bread dough. Adding more
liquid often helps. Make sure ingredients are warmed or at least room

Weather changes can impact the rising. Another thing to do would be to make
the basic white bread recipe that came with the machine.If that doesn't turn
out right, something is definitely wrong.

More suggestions..soap residue can kill the yeast. Are you eliminating the
salt..?? Don't let salt near the yeast.

If your are using whole grains or whole wheat, you may need to add additional
gluten to get a good rise.

  There are more hints but too many to list. 
Lois Conway    LoisCon @AOL.com

Jack Jordon asks if you can make rye bread with a high percentage of rye..we
found we used about 1 cup rye flour and added bread flour and/or whole wheat
flour. You can also try gluten  and add it to the recipe.

AmyLynn asks if there is a way to convert bread recipes to the machine...we
give directions in our book, The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints.

Reggie asked for recipes for potato flour and I am delighted to say yes, yes,
yes. I have a book, called: Easy Bread Making for Special Diets bu Nicolette
M. Dumke. Order from Adapt Books, 1877 Polk Avenue, Louisville Colorado
80027, 303-666-8253. This book also has great wheat and gluten free recipes.

Cherie Ambrosini asks why whole grain breads have a bitter taste...my
suggestion is that she buy a mill and grind her own grain as a lot of people
do now. Most whole wheat is rancid tasting (at least to me) and once you
taste wheat from a home mill, you will be sold on it. 

Lois Conway