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re: Searching for Gluten book (V6#37)

Jay Ekers <jekers@iise.csiro.au>
Thu, 28 Sep 95 00:06:44 -700
"Deb Della Selva ext:284" <DELLASELVA@faxon.com> wrote

I have been searching for a book (not related to bread but *definatly* related
to flour).  I saw it in 1984 with the title "Wheat Meat".
A healthy friend of mine had me over to try a recipe for faux veal.  It was
amazing.  I won't say it was just like meat but I would say it was *very*
I remember the process had one mix an entire bag of whole
wheat flour into a dough.  Then the dough ball sat in cold water for hours.
You would knead it (under very cold water) and just before your fingers would
fall off....you'd have a small mass of gluten.
The gluten then could be boiled with spices and cut.  Only then you could treat
it like "raw" meat and make your meal.

A possible substitute book from that era may be:
"How to Make all the Meat You Eat Out of Wheat"
by Nina and Michael Shander
Published by Rawson, Wade Publishers, Inc, New York, 1980
ISBN 0-89256-126-2      ISBN 0-89256-131-9 pbk

The children and I have made gluten by the method described, 
as an experiment, but I have not tried any of the recipes.

This *meat* is eaten in asian cultures so you may find instructions
also in an asian cookbook.