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Vegan Bread

David Smith <daves@extendsys.com>
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 08:56:18 -0700
There are some Vegan sweetners out there:  Sucanat is dehydrated sugar cane
juice and is not refined.  It's fairly expensive, but you probably won't use
it like regular sugar anyway.

There are also some Vegan margerines out there.  I found a great Vegan soy
magerine at the local Coop (sorry, but I can't remember the name right now)
- - just make sure you read the label.

EnerG egg replacer is a Vegan egg replacer.  It's a powder you need to mix
up and then put in your recipe - Instructions are on the package.  There are
also a couple of Vegan egg replacers on the market that are based on prune
or plum puree.

The best place to look for Vegan replacement products is a local Coop food
store or the health food section of a large supermarket (the local Fred
Meyer has a surprisingly good selection).  I've also noticed that Vegan
products usually have a statement on the front of the package stating "VEGAN

Good luck