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If you can still find dark cherries, try this one.

                       CHOCOLATE CHERRY BREAD

                                            1 pound loaf   1.5 pound loaf
  milk                                    2/3 cup            1 cup
  egg                                       1                1
  butter or margarine                       2 Tbs            3 Tbs
  bread or all purpose flour                2 cups           3 cups
  sugar                                   1/4 cup          1/3 cup
  cocoa powder, unsweetened               1/4 cup          1/3 cup
  salt                                    1/2 tsp          3/4 tsp
  active dry yeast                        3/4 tsp            1 tsp
  snipped dried tart red/bing cherries    1/2 cup          2/3 cup
  chopped pecans                          1/4 cup          1/3 cup

  Load in machine according to manufacturer's instructions.  Setting 
  is same as for regular egg breads.

  Fresh cherries will possibly reduce the shelf life of this bread.
  If it is as good as it sounds, who would have left overs?