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RE: Weighing flour,
       White Bread Recipe - by Weight:

For Rachel et al.: In the controversy on weight vs. volume, the critical
ingredient seems to be flour -- because its density can vary so greatly. KING
ARTHUIR FLOUR CO. states that 1 cup SIFTED flour weighs 4 ozs. -- or 12 ozs.
for the usual 3 cups called for by many 1-1/2 lb  loaf recipes.  But  ABM
recipes normally don't specify that the flour be SIFTED -- and that's where
the great variation comes about. In our BREADMAN PLUS we get consistently
good results using 14 ozs. of flour when 3 cups are called for.

If your tap water is heavily chlorinated consider spring or distilled water.
Our commercial ("packaged") yeasys are not affected by our water but the more
fragile wild yeasts we employ for sour dough breads are very much affected.

The BREADMAN gives a basic white bread recipe as follows:

1 1/8 cup  (9 ozs.)  Water
2      Tbl.                Canola Oil
1 1/2 Tbl.                Honey
3      cups (14 ozs.) Unbleached, All Purpose Flour (we find Bread
                             flour works equally well).
3      Tbl.                Powdered Milk
1 1/2 Tbl.               Fine Sea Salt (we use regular salt)
2       tsp.              Active Dry Yeast

Carlos    (cdluria@aol.com)