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Dense bread

sherae@zeta.org.au (Sheri McRae)
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 16:58:24 +1000
I'm having a lot of trouble with very dense loaves of bread and was very
interested in Cheryl Backes solutions to her dense bread problems.  I agree
that weighing is a much more exact process, but all my recipes are measured
by volume.  So, how do you know how much flour, etc. to use by weight.  Any
other suggestions on how to solve the problem of dense bread would be

My breadmaker is a Panasonic but I have a suspicion that it is different
from the American Panasonic because I don't have a separate place to put
the yeast.  It just goes in along with everything else.

We don't have bread flour in Australia, so I just guess at the amount of
gluten to put in the flour.  Maybe that's part of the trouble.

Like Cheryl, I've been working on this for months.  Wrong yeast?  Too much
liquid?  Starter or buttermilk too thick?  I don't know.

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