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no added fat breads

Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
8 Aug 95 11:26:11 EDT
Hi Aaron, congrats on the weight loss!  I do occassionally buy bread [yes I 
hang my head in shame!] but mostly I use the machine, [I have an R2D2 dak type 
which is no longer made, so I can't recommend one] and I have found a book that 
I think is just terrific for teaching about fat substitutes in baking.  Its one 
of the nitty gritty cookbooks [they are about 4 by 8 inches - tiny paperbacks], 
The Bread Machine Cookbook [volume 3 or 4] on Whole Grains et al [it says whole 
grains on the cover] - if for some reason you can't find it e'mail me and I'll 
get the ISBN number from home.  The book has lots of recipes for whole grain 
and sourdoughs and sprouted breads - but mostly I like it because many of the 
recipes either call for fat substitutes, like fruit juice , and tell you how 
much to use - but using it has also made me more aware of my choices in baking, 
whether its egg whites, skim or powdered nonfat milk, egg beaters, or juices 
and water, its been quite the eye opener for me!  It also focuses on whole 
grain and bread with healthy things mixed in, which helps you get more 
nutriiton in each slice, which for me makes it easier to justify the added 
calorie intake after those "diet" [and tasteless!] store bought breads.  She 
also gives a nutritional analysis of the loaves.  She does discuss machines at 
the beginning of the book, so if you want to skim that before you purchase 
[actually maybe the best way is to skim that part of all the bread machine 
cookbooks - those authors usually have worked with several kinds] it might save 
you some heartaches later!  Enjoy and good luck - Cherie