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Rye Bread of the Week

Elizabeth Schwartz <betsys@cs.umb.edu>
Sat, 12 Aug 1995 14:01:49 -0400 (EDT)
One of the things I love about owning a bread machine is that you can 
"design" a loaf that is just perfect for you! I've been fiddling, trying
to come up with our idea of the perfect sandwich bread. 

It should be: whole grain, wheat and rye, easy to slice, low-crumb, and
low-fat, and of course taste great!

Here's this week's recipe. It's getting close! It makes a firm, slightly
sweet loaf with a small even crumb and a good rise.

We have a big Oster bread machine with a whole wheat cycle; it's model 4812
style BB-100. 

    Betsy's Rye Bread of the Week

    1.25 cups  water
    1    Tbsp  butter
    1    Tbsp  applesauce
    2    Tbsp  honey
    1    tsp   salt
    2    cups  whole wheat flour
    1.5  cups  rye flour
    2.5  Tbsp  whole wheat gluten
    2    tsp   yeast
    2    tsp   whole caraway seeds  (optional)

    (ingredients in order of adding them to our machine)

If you use whole wheat bread flour, use less gluten. Don't cut the salt much!
For a higher loaf use 1 cup rye flour and 2.5 cups whole wheat flour.