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Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
02 Aug 95 06:16:06 -0700
I have been asked to forward the following message concerning
rec.food.cooking and the current Call For Votes to the members of this
list. Joel

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I sincerely apologize if the following somehow offends anyone.

After a number of private email discussions with others who share
this point of view, I've come to the conclusion that this is article
is appropriate and deserving of some consideration.

The CFV has been issued with little change from the RFDs; for
whatever reason, the proponent has apparently not recognized the
the clear and growing support for moving the proposed groups up to the
rec.food hierarchy.  Many discussions, both through postings and via
email, have indicated that there is a large group of people who would
prefer to see this happen.

Given this, I'd like to make the voting population aware that
should the rec.food.cooking.* groups fail in vote, at the earliest
possible time afterwards, I will be issuing an RFD with the help
of as many who would like to be included.  The intent is that it
should reflect the apparently wide support for leaving
rec.food.cooking untouched while adding a few new groups to the
rec.food hierarchy.  Initially, it would seem as though at a minimum,
rec.food.equipment and rec.food.marketplace should be included.

While I have volunteered to take on this task, I'm not considering
it on my own.  This is already a group effort by some frequent users
of rec.food.cooking et al, and I would expect it to continue to grow
in number of proponents.

If you feel that rec.food.cooking.(equipment,marketplace,...) is the
right place for the group, then by all means vote YES for it.  But
if you think it belongs up in rec.food, be aware that if r.f.c.
doesn't get split as a result of the current vote, there will be a
proposal forthcoming to put these groups under rec.food.

In earnest,

- -dan

- --
Dan Masi
Mentor Graphics Corp.