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Sun, 30 Jul 1995 22:13:38 -0400
Hi, Reggie --

I'm forwarding this through you, since I'm not sure how to handle this.  I
do sell Tupperware, so I can't say I don't, but I am making this
recommendation because I really believe that this is a good product (I got
my own as soon as it came out).  Also, since Suneeta is in California, I
would recommend she find a local Tupperware Consultant, so I wouldn't make
any money off of this.  I know that advertising is frowned on, but this
seems to fall into a grey area, so I wanted to run this by you to get your
opinion and let you decide whether it should appear.

Suneeta Aggarwal said:
>I'm curious as to how others store their bread-machine bread.
>I've been buying the large (one-gallon size?) ziploc bags but
>the entire loaf doesn't fit very easily. Thus, I have to slice
>the bread first and store it in two bags. Not terribly convenient.
>Surely, there must be a place (mail-order perhaps) that sells
>plastic bags sized for bread-machine loaves. Anyone know of such
>a retailer? 

Hi Suneeta,

I recently purchased a Bread Baker's Delight from Tupperware.  It is a
square container with an easy open seal that is just the right size for a 1
1/2-lb loaf of bread machine bread.  I really love it and definitely
recommend it.  The other recommendation (what we used to do, was store it on
a covered cake plate.  This sometimes caused problems, though, if the loaf
was too tall (generally not too often, since we "ate it down" enough to put
on the plate).