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bread bags

britter@mcs.net (B. Ritter)
Sun, 30 Jul 95 23:19 CDT
Although this sounds like heresy, occasionally I buy a loaf of *very
special* bread from an excellent bakery in one of our Chicago-area grocery
store chains. I then save the bag to use for the bread I make in my bread
machine. True, it has to be a *very special* bread to justify my purchase,
but, hey, I'm not the only one who can make mouth-watering bread! :-)

A friend has suggested that I could probably buy a small quantity of loaf
bags from that same bakery. I haven't done it, but I expect it'd be worth

On second thought, I really prefer my way of acquiring bags because it
allows me to sample different and unusual breads that give me ideas for
variations in my bread machinbe recipes.

Betty Ritter

B. Ritter