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Measuring Ingredients

sherae@zeta.org.au (Sheri McRae)
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 07:49:08 +1000
Whenever I see a comment about measuring ingredients such as
(cdluria@aol.com) made I shout encouragement.

"When we first acquired our breadmaker, we were surprised to find a lack of
consistency in repeated productions of the same recipe. Sometimes the bread
would come out higher, sometimes denser, and once it hardly rose all. We were
pretty careful about our measurements and put the difference down to changes
in humidity.

But the problem vanished when we started _weighing_ the flour instead of
using a measuring cup."

In Australia we're on the metric system and most dry ingredients are
weighed rather than measured.  Having used both systems for years I find
the weighing process far, far more reliable.  It also has some drawbacks -
moisture in flour will vary the weight, etc.  But I'd love to see more
recipes converted to weight rather than volume and perhaps we'd all have
more consistent results with our bread.

Cheers, Sheri

    Sheri McRae                        sherae@zeta.org.au
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