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Re: BREAD Digest V6 #23

Fri, 09 Jun 95 15:06:09 EST
Well I can definitavely say 2 things on this subject...
Dak _IS_ out of business! too bad too cause I really like my "R2-D2" (5 LB 
loaf) model DAK machine..
Welbilt serveice centers _can_ service the unit. however some of them may be 
reluctant to do so for "political" reasons. 
ie.. oyu bought Dak rather than ours.. suffer!"
But they _ARE_ the same thing! just a different lable....


Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 18:21:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Dak
Message-ID: <01HR4GMB73SUBWC153@NKU.EDU>

 We have a friend here who has a Dak breadmaker which is not putting out good
bread.  I told him that maybe it was the breadmaker and someone said that they
went out of business.  Is this so?  Who would handle repairs for this?  He
really loves his breadmaker and makes a lot of bread  Mary Curtis