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Re: BREAD Digest V6 #23

Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
7 Jun 95 10:13:20 EDT
 I'm pretty sure DAK sold its breadmaker company to someone so I don't
know who would handle repairs - but I've had a Dak for about 8 years,
and 2 years ago mine started turning out hockey pucks - out of the
blue!  After weeping miserably for a while, I tried different things
to fix the problem.  It may just be superstition at this point, but I
now am back to regular high quality loaves by:
  Moving the Breadmaker!  I keep it on the floor away from the window - don't 
know    why this should work but it does

  Proofing the yeast with the warm liquid and sugar/honey/fruitjuice [I never 
used to    have to do this

  And adding loads of gluten [I usualy use whole grain flours, but I even add 
it now    with white flour]

  I also don't do the yeast on the bottom thing anymore [it says to do
that in the Dak instructions - I just proof the yeast as above and
pour it on top of the other ingredients

  Last but not least, I cover the glass dome - aluminum foil and
sometimes even a towel on top - watch the air vents!

 Hope this helps - and if you do find out where to get service on a DAK let us 
know on the line - mine's fine today but if it ever breaks I'll be weeping 
again ;)