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dale@mbbs.com (Dale Shipp)
Wed, 17 May 95 19:28:00 -0820
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 Br> Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 14:17:01 -0400
 Br> From: Cdluria@aol.com
 Br> Subject: Re: BREAD Digest V6 #19
 Br> Message-ID: <950510141634_113851740@aol.com>

 Br> Can anyone recommend a good 'Recipe Manager' program, either Shareware
 Br> or a commercial program that has a demo copy one an try out? For MSDOS
 Br> or WINDOWS. I have about 500 recipes in ASCII format that I have
 Br> collected over the years and would like to import them into a program
 Br> that  can re-size, search by ingredients or categories, or keyword,
 Br> etc.  

 That sure sounds like Meal Master to me.   Because of its ability to do
 all of those things, it needs to have specific fields for the
 ingredient names and amounts.  That forces a rigid format on it.
 There is a program that helps convert free formatted recipes into
 MealMaster format.  It is called MMCONV, an inexpensive shareware
 program written by Rodney Grantham.   It is available at a number of
 FIDONET public BBS.   Do not know if it is on AOL or not.   You could
 point your AOL WWW browser to
 where you will find latest version of mealmaster, of MMCONV and other
 food related things.

 Br> A nice-to-have (though not essential) feature would be the ability to
 Br> record the date the recipe was last served, and to whom.

 Not directly -- but you can always edit the recipe to add that in later.

 Br> I downloaded a program called MEAL-MASTER. For building up a recipe
 Br> file from scratch, it wouldn't be bad. But for importing existing
 Br> recipes it I find it exceedingly rigid. Not only do I have to rewrite
 Br> each recipe to fit the program's format, but the error-handling
 Br> routines do not allow for easy access or correction -- at least, not in
 Br> the version posted on the BBS.  

 Try out MMCONV.  I think you will find that it makes the process of
 converting *much* easier.  Read the DOC file that comes with it for
 some helpful hints.

 As to commercial programs, I can also recommend MasterCook II which is
 a windows program, cost is about $30.  Another shareware program that
 does not have the rigid format requirements is called Qbook.  That you
 can find on the ftp site at oak.oakland.edu.   It does not do any
 resizing, or shopping lists though.


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