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Re: BREAD Digest V6 #20

Wed, 17 May 1995 00:02:58 -0400
I too was looking for a good recipe management program.  My Mom has entered
about 300 recipes over the past 4 years into an old data base program which
is really awkward to use.  I found the meal master program which is available
on line to be better, but still not what I was looking for to completely
manage my kitchen.  I just recently purchased a commercial program called "
THE MASTERCOOK Silver Platter Cookbook" by Arion.  So far I have been very
pleased.  It allows me to enter recipes easily, create menu plans, formulate
shopping lists, resize recipes and even get nutritional information on my own
recipes (as long as I enter the number of servings).  I can also import all
of the Meal-Master recipes into the program.  There are also over 600 recipes
in the program   from the California Culinary Academy.  The only thing I
can't do with it is transfer all of the recipes my Mom entered in the old
data-base.  The program is unable to read the format she entered them in.  If
any one has any suggestions on how I might be able to get them into the new
format, please let me know.  I have only just begun to re-type the recipes
and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Anyway, I am
really enjoying the "Silver Platter Cookbook" program and highly recommend
Happy Cooking,