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Zoji BCCS-15

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
10 May 95 06:27:50 -0800
 Responding to: "j.a. fielden" <fielden@rintintin.Colorado.EDU>

 JAF> Well I've decided to go whole hog and buy the Zoj BBCC-S15. I am
 JAF> looking for  the best price deal I can find. Does anyone know a good
 JAF> price source for Zoj machines via mail order? 

 I doubt you'll be able to find a discount mail order source for this machine,
 it's just too popular. You can mail order them from King Arthur's Flour at 
 1-800-827-6836, but you'll pay full price. However, they do have an excellent
 (and free) customer service department with some very knowledgeable Zoji
 people in it.

 JAF> I know a couple of people on this list have the S15, any difficulties
 JAF> or problems with it? How long did it take to decipher the
 JAF> instructions(they  didn't appear terribly well written)?

 The machine isn't hard to learn to use. Getting the most out of its 
 programming flexibility takes some time and it is useful to be fluent in


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